Password Padlock

Password Padlock 1.6

Developed by TMSS
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What is Password Padlock?
Keep all your usernames and passwords in one place, protected by one Master Password:
- Store all your passwords, links, pin numbers, banking details under lock and key with Password Padlock.
- Say goodbye to all those unsafe cryptic lists, documents or little black books.
- Password Padlock will link to your stored sites and help you to log on and paste usernames and passwords.
- All protected in a secure encrypted, simple, easy to use application, protected by one Master Password.
- Side step spyware and those nasty key-loggers.
- Try Password Padlock for free. No time limit!
- Link to and open protected documents and spread sheets.
- Link to confidential Email addresses.
- This is not a web-based application. It runs on your PC, and the data remains on your PC.
- If your PC or Laptop is lost or stolen Password Padlock keep your data safe.
- Runs on Windows 95, 2000, XP and Vista.
- protected links to your e-mail, web-mail, ftp, online banking, member accounts.

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